Intense interval workouts

Intense interval workouts

Some time people stop exercising and pay consequences for that, they start getting weight again or their metabolism stop working properly. But to make sure that you keep your gained weight maintains and to rev up metabolism there are things one can do to achieve the goal.

The first and the most beneficial thing that one can do are to start the high intensive interval training to re-energize your metabolism. These small but intensive intervals makes your breathing heavy and make you out of breath and the that can help in the burning of extra calories. The burning of these calories will be very fast and speedy for those 45 to 60 seconds while you are taking rest because your heart rate will remain up for those few seconds. This burning process will get slow only when your heartbeat will get normal. You should keep taking rest for 10 to 30 times while doing these your work out, it depends on the time of workout you are taking. The time for workout will be your choice; it depends on your physical capacity and strength. To make your exercises and workouts more enjoyable and fun you can play any music which will motivate you to keep going and continue your job.

Jump jacking, sprints high knees, butt kicks, Pl-yo jacks, bur-pees, and kickboxing combination are the few examples of high interval trainings. Everything is beneficial and will work very fast and will show results, just make sure that you keep going and do not leave it after sometime, and give your full attention and hard work. Take deep and heavy breaths after the interval.

It is important to keep in mind that these exercises are not for daily workouts, your body will need to recover from all this heavy jobs. So give it some time and do them every other day when ever you feel that your body has recovered fully. You will feel awesome and like healthier. After very short time you will actually feel that your calories are burning.

Weight trainings will help you to build lean muscles which are very beneficial to increase your BMR. BMR is the rate at which your burn your calories. In this job the muscles of your legs will be used more and will burn more of these extra fats.

You can routine your exercises according to the days, such as your Mondays will be short cardio, and Tuesdays can be leg days.

Take proper rest to recover from these tough jobs. To do that take deep and stress free sleep at nights and keep our mind tension free. Your body will produce HCG and it will help to heal sooner.