The Role of an Architect

Architect is a person, who remains engaged in designing, planning and constructing buildings domestically or commercially. Normally the role of architect is seen more at commercial places where large buildings, parking lots, shopping centers and other places where public incoming is more. Private properties are also constructed by an architect but the ratio of constructing commercial places is seen more by an architect. Architect provides magnificent designing services to occupy the public places with construction skills. It is the job of an architect to fill the places with beautiful designing but never confused that he does this without the permission of prior body such government, construction company and something else like that. Without the order of executive body, it is not possible to construct buildings. The influence of architect is seen most at commercial places as it represents the culture and tradition of society. Basically, it is an art work that has added value to the places like big shopping malls and other public places.

In old times, the culture of different nations was judged by architect work and many civilizations were formed on this concept. Really this was the custom and people used to recognize the nations with their brilliant architect works namely the countries like Italy, Egypt, England and Greece. Even today people recognize all the historical places by looking at their superb architect work. Well the other side of the architect is to construct the building with skill, talent and devotion to make people say wow. The architect should be knowledgeable person; moreover he must be a man of rules and regulations. Educated architect will be considered best compared to non-educated. Further he should be devoted, motivated, talented, skilled and highly professional. Must have got experience of local work that we call the private construction work; otherwise an architect can’t handle big projects if he has no experience of handling small projects. Among all reasons, the best ever quality that an architect should have is the designing and construction quality that always takes the lead when looking for an architect.

Architects play very active role when big construction projects are ordered. They are the real public decorators that create value for general public at beautiful commercial locations where property rate is extremely high. Moreover, an architect should be license holder must be a man of intellectual mind having responsive mind to big projects like corporate commercial projects, education child care, multi residential, residential, retail, master planning and genuine architecture projects.  The real job of an architect is to provide high quality service that always satisfies the client and focusing clients to get more projects from them in future. Having client based approach always goes in favor of an architect and client as well.