An Introduction to Renewable Energy Sources

One can find renewable energy everywhere; it is natural energy that we get from sun, oceans, heat and plants. All the natural sources of energy are considered as renewable energy that almost contributes 100% in the environment. According to expert scientists, all the renewable sources of energy can be converted into other energy forms and that is the real advantage of this energy. This energy is convertible having lot of environmental benefits. Magnificently, all forms of renewable energy can be transformed into other forms that people use daily at homes. Renewable energy sources are wind, air, sun, plant growth and ocean water. Moreover, all these forms are efficiently converted into electrical energy, mechanical energy and heat energy. Thankfully, we people use electricity at homes and use hot water for bathing is all due to this renewable energy. The effective utilization of renewable energy into other energy forms is mostly practiced by developed countries. Although renewable energy is natural, but it’s conversion to other energy forms is a technical job that all the developed countries expertly use.

The use of water, wind and sun energy is very beneficial for the environment. Water is the most abundant energy element available in the world that is used for generating electricity. Pleasingly, moving water is used for producing electricity; hence good amount of water is used that is usually converted in generating plenty of electricity to meet all domestic and commercial needs. More importantly, tidal and wave energy is also a form of energy that mostly used for producing electricity at large scale. Technology has become so advanced in this present time that all forms of energy are used effectively, hence latest methods and techniques are also introduced for useful conversion of energy and all the credit goes to the technology and awareness. Tidal energy is very latest form of renewable energy that helps in producing electricity, but this is really expensive technology. Therefore, the concept of tidal energy is well used in France and Argentina. The underdeveloped countries can’t afford to buy this technology because this is really expensive and technical.

The concept of hydroelectric dams is also a part of this energy that has successfully worked in some countries like US and Canada. Air and wind energy is also very effective for the atmosphere that helps in producing electricity and has potential to produce sufficient amount of energy. Geothermal heat is also a great source of renewable energy that has surprised the world by producing good energy and it has got good capacity as well. Solar energy is also used for producing heat and electricity that is also an expensive technology practiced in first world countries. Finally, we come to know that renewable energy has provided great benefit to the world and its contribution has brought affirmative change in atmosphere.