Anxiety and its reasons

Anxiety and its reasons

Anxiety is common problem which can be happened to any person in the world. Some people thought that its reasons can be economical depression or political exploitation but it not fact. It is unavoidable condition of human nature, and can happen on any stage of life. Doubtfulness, confusion and strain are symbols of it. Some people do not want except that they have any such problem. There could be much reason for a person to deny their conditions. It could be their pride or to avoid any embarrassment or maybe they don’t want to feel helpless. It is a disturbing problem which left a person more stressed.

It comes when a person think or take too much tension about any upcoming event or any other thing. This mental tension makes a person doubt his ability to control things and make him regret his decisions. This is a weakness of all humankind. It can happen to anyone any time.

Anxiety is fear are close related term but still both things are different it ways. Fear is a way that tells you that you are in danger. It is a response of your emotion which you feel a threat. But anxiety happens when people try too hard to achieve a goal and at some point he start thinking that he will not be able to achieve it. He takes it as his own flaw not as destiny.

Psychologists both material and spiritual think that not all type of anxiety is destructive. Mild anxiety can be good for a person. It can help to motivate him to achieve whatever goal he wants to achieve. It helps to enhance the attentiveness of a person so he can concentrate on his goals more actively. With the lake of anxiety there could be destructive result; a person can completely stop to put any force to his goals.

There are two kinds of anxiety simple and neurotic. The simple anxiety is an emotion which a person feels for a limited time when he gets pressurized and struggle a lot. But the neurotic anxiety is more destructive. If can harm the whole personality of a person. It can cause hostility, chronic, phobia, neurasthenia, and depression and these problems can be reason of one another. This problem can be remaining with a person for whole life. It changes its intensity but never ends.

If you want to know the reason of a person’s such behavior you will have to look through his life history, right from his childhood. There have chances that a person is facing this problem from his childhood because of some social or personal problems. People who are facing these problems do need counseling otherwise they will never be able to live a normal life.