Stories related to hairstyles in the past

Stories related to hairstyles in the past

If we look at the history of hair styling, we will see that people do love to change their hairstyle which they think will make them look more stylish. In the past people think different experiments with their hair such as Cavemen and Cavewomen used bones and shells to decorate their hairs, then gold flakes were used to decorate hairs by Greeks. And in 17th century Europeans colored their hair white and keep them very long.   

People their hair and spend lot of time and mind energy to come up with different techniques to make them stronger and more beautiful. In some cultures people think that hair is sign of virility, class, power and wealth. People adopt different style by copying their favorite personalities or to look different from other people but it is important to have a sense of the style one want to adopt whether it will suit the person or not. Different cultures have different thinking and stories about the significance of hairs  

Story of a superman named Samson is very famous. He fought with his enemies to save the Hebrews from them with the power of his long and strong hairs. But one night, his enemies came in his camp and cut his hair and with that he lost his all powers and strength.

Before 4000 or 5000 years ago Egyptians were used to keep their heads bald because of the hot weather but there was a group called Pharaoh were used to wear wigs on occasions which were made of real human hairs. These wigs were dressed with oil to show their power and strength.

Julius Caesar was the one who introduced the laurel crown to hide his forehead. It is said that he was very terrified with his hair loss and used to make his beaten enemies to shave their heads.

In china it was a tradition that unmarried girls will have long hairs and will braid them on the other hand married women will come their hair back from the face and tie it in a bun.  People were used to recognize with the women’s hairs whether they are married or not.

In Japan cutting hair is a symbol of lose of honor and defeat. Sumo wrestlers have a tradition of hair cutting when they retire in the honor of the samurai people who shaved their head at the defeat of medieval Japan. Even now some girls cut their hair when they get their heart broken.

Cowboy used to lose their hair because of the heat so many of them spend their money on snake oil they also used to apply grease on their hair that was very messy but had very little results.