5 Top Things to Consider in a Gold Coast Elopement Packages for your Big Day

Gold Coast elopement packages

Looking for Gold Coast elopement packages? Couples who want a small wedding or trying to stick to a strict budget are choosing to elope.

The trend of Gold Coast elopement packages is similar to that of traditional wedding packages. Here are three factors to consider when choosing an elopement package. Take a look!

1.     Convenience

When couples choose to elope, they want a simple, stress-free wedding. However, it can be more difficult if you wish to elope in a foreign state or country.

Gold Coast elopement packages

You will get help getting your marriage license from the elopement package services, understand fully what your state’s marriage license requirements are, and receive any other logistical advice you may need.

You should consider them the “resident expert” in that state and expect them to answer all your questions.

2.     Deals with great partners

Find out if your partner offers any discounts when choosing an elopement package.

Is ground transportation from or to the airport included, or from and to the ceremony location? What if it’s not offered? Are there any business partners that may provide discounts for referral services?

3.     All-Inclusive

If you search for elopement packages, you’ll often find resorts or bed & breakfasts that offer “all-inclusive” packages that include ceremonies.

You may also receive a small wedding cake, fresh flowers, music, toasting glasses, and other memorabilia, along with your stay in a honeymoon suite. If there are any additional fees or requirements, read the fine print.

4.     Accommodations for guests

Guests and family can still attend your ceremony if you are eloping. A surprising number of smaller establishments cannot accommodate more than a handful of guests.

Your resort or bed and breakfast may not be able to accommodate more than seven or ten people participating in your ceremony. Before inviting more than seven or ten people to your ceremony, check with them. Do hire the services of wedding stylist gold coast as well.

5.     Location of the honeymoon

In addition, to being the perfect elopement location, a honeymoon destination is also ideal. As well, eloping couples who upgrade to a honeymoon package may be eligible for special discounts and exclusive offers.

The deals may include suite upgrades, complimentary breakfasts, special dinners, spa packages, or allowances for activities.

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